Bah, humbug!
Image via Pixabay

This close to Christmas, it’s really time to post a generic holiday message, isn’t it? As I haven’t quite wrapped up my work, administration and other business activities before Christmas, allow me to precede any virtual seasonal greetings with a different kind of greeting, borrowed from the Twitter user who posted this last week:

I realise this may appear a bit crude, unfriendly and ungrateful; you may have expected a cute winter-y picture accompanied by a ‘Seasons Greetings’ or something like that instead. There are still a few days left until Christmas for me to come up with one of those, but like plenty of freelancers I am currently experiencing an issue that takes a lot of joy out of the season: outstanding invoices.

So before you leave the office this week to take your colleagues out for drinks or celebrate the holidays with your loved ones, please make sure your business has paid not just its employees, but also its contractors and freelancers. Thank you.

As I won’t be taking any time off between now and the New Year, I’ve still got time left to send you warmer seasonal greetings than the pleading message above — and you still have time left to outsource any work to me before my new, increased rates take effect in January. 🙂