Merry everything and a happy anytime
Image via Pixabay

Don’t worry, I haven’t suddenly turned all fearful of using the word Christmas, nor has anyone else in the diverse area of London where I live and work — people haven’t hesitated to wish me a Merry Christmas around here, regardless of their own cultural or religious background and what (if anything) they celebrate around this time of year and when.

Considering I have no intention of celebrating anything at all myself this year – Christmassy or otherwise – I could take offence at any and all of the Merry Christmasses Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays you and others wish me. Again, don’t worry, I won’t. Kind wishes are exactly that: kind. It’s really nice when people are nice and nice would be my kind of ideal world to live in.

Therefore I have no hesitation in joining the seasonal chorus here to wish you… a merry everything and a happy anytime. Which may sound flippant, but please trust me on it being 100% genuine and sincere, and my heartfelt and inclusive way of wishing you –wishing everyone – all the goodness and happiness life could bring you and your loved ones, beyond merely this time of year.