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Perhaps I can be of assistance…

PA/Admin/Secretarial Services
You would like someone to manage your diary. Book your travel. Filter and prioritise your incoming calls and emails. Transcribe your dictation. Prepare your correspondence, reports, spreadsheets and presentations. Process your expenses. Pick up on ad hoc tasks that distract you from doing your actual job. (During your temporary stay in London. Or while your trusted assistant is on holiday or off sick. Or simply only as and when you want it – even if it is ‘out of hours’.)

Virtual Support
You would like any or all of the aforementioned PA/Admin/Secretarial Services, performed remotely rather than at your premises.

You would like your dictations or other types of audio or video recordings converted to (searchable) text.

You need someone to write content for your website. Or your book. Or your company’s staff manual. Or a leaflet or brochure. Or a letter to your grandmother (or to two hundred business relations). Or something else.

You have a document, book or other text in Dutch. Now you would like to have it in English. Or vice versa.

Document Production
Your text has been written, transcribed and/or translated. Now you would like to have it properly formatted and printed/reproduced. Electronically or on paper.

Social Media Support
You would like someone to manage your social media presence without having to fork out a $500-a-day consultancy fee for a self-appointed ‘expert’, ‘ninja’ or ‘guru’ courtesy of his/her Master’s Degree in New Media or PhD in Computer Science. You don’t want fancy titles. Or automation. Or fakery. Just straight-forward experience – not just in social media, but also in real work and life – and a sincere interest in and consideration for your (prospective) audience, applied to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WordPress and other online platforms on your behalf.

Would you like to know if I could be of service to you? Then don’t hesitate to contact me with your needs.

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